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Full-funnel DTC and eCommerce expertise for early and mid-stage brands.

DTC is Here To Stay​

The world is going DTC. You can watch it happening in real-time as disruptive brands hit the market and traditional brands and retailers pivot. Hashtag Direct was created by veteran performance marketer Marc Kravets to provide the experience and knowledge gained by over 30 years in the space.

Direct to Consumer is Here To Stay!

The world is going DTC. You can watch it happening in real-time as disruptive brands enter the market and traditional brands and retailers are forced to pivot. Hashtag Direct was created by veteran performance marketer, Marc Kravets to share his 30+ years of experience and expertise in this space.

Our Work

Leveraging the Direct Connection

Each and every transaction in DTC should create an opportunity to build your brand. You’re not just selling, you are making a connection, one that allows you to analyze, in real-time, what your customers like, and don’t like. Such insight is essential to knowing how they perceive you, and how to make them loyal to you. The stronger you make that bond, the more successful your campaigns will become.

But it also means that you have to give them a reason to connect and stay connected with you. DTC gives you that opportunity to share brand values, brand vision, brand mission, and find the right audience to become successful.

Our Services

What You Get from Hashtag

From campaign strategy to creative; from media planning to the lifetime relationships with your customers, Hashtag will be your guide. Successful launches and campaigns require an understanding of current marketing technology and web development, testing and optimizing media, targeting and improving ROI, maximizing lifetime value. Hashtag will be there with advice, resources, team and talent, and industry connections.

Ultimate Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing is about being able to be measured instantly from all marketing platforms and the response they are generating. Hashtagdirect has been helping companies for years achieve success through detailed strategic guidance, planning, and execution on all marketing platforms.

Whether you are a start-up or looking to take your existing business to the next level, you need the expertise and guidance of seasoned professionals with a proven track record of success.

Planning to Execution

From every stage in the life cycle of a business, we have helped companies grow to their full potential. Beginning with a thorough understanding of your company, its culture, its purpose, we move on to analyzing your current and potential audience through to the creation of a “persona” of them. From these initial investigations we can begin to understand how best to position or reposition your company through branding and marketing.

Together, with an understanding of your goals and your marketplace, we begin to plan with you how best to turn your goals into reality.

Consider Us Your Chief Marketing Officer

When your goals include creating or reshaping your marketing department, allow us to provide our expertise. By limiting the number of clients we work with at any given time, we are able to focus completely on the goals of those clients and the time frame in which they want to see those goals achieved.

Strategy, Planning, Execution

We understand that you are fully invested in your product or service and you will find that we become an extension of your dreams, aspirations, and goals. Our in-depth understanding of how to motivate the public to bond with a product or service has been our hallmark throughout the years. We are committed to building and growing DTC brands and we will be with you every step of the way.

About Us

Founded in 2017 by Marc Kravets, Hashtag Direct is a full-service digital and performance marketing agency. We inspire branding that creates meaningful customer experiences.

A strategic and award-winning Global Digital Marketing and E-commerce Leader skilled at storytelling with meaningful narrative to instill brand trust. Successful at launching, building, and optimizing Direct- to-Consumer (DTC) and Return-on-Investment (ROI)-based campaigns, brands, digital marketing and/or businesses leveraging TV to increase awareness, revenue, and profits. Exceptional interpersonal skills at all levels, including clients, employees, and stakeholders. Known for fostering, leading, and motivating loyal, cross-functional teams that exceed expectations.
Selected career highlights include:
• Selected to help lead the internal teams in charge of selling The Proactiv Company to PE Firm EQT Partners and selling Murad to Unilever.
• Established brand equity within various industries through driving targeted campaigns.
• Turned double digit decline ecommerce business into double digit increase.
• Strategically made unknown products into household brands through memorable creative.

Marc Kravets

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